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    Upcoming Story


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    Upcoming Story

    Post by Itzel on Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:20 pm

    Me and a good friend of mine decided to put our ideas together into a story that we planned to do a while ago, some were based from the RP we did on Skype, Facebok and DeviantArt a while back. But it seems that I am the only one that have to do it since she's busy with high school and all that. But anyways, enjoy!

    It was around 12pm at night, the Moon and Stars are out and the only sound that the stranger could hear is thee soft echo of the wind blowing around all over the place, making the trees shiver and there leaves rustle. The tall brown tabby and white tom with amazingly green eyes stood there ontop of the fence, watching, waiting for something to happen. When he was just a small kitten he heard stories about the mysterious beasts that roamed the forests and hilltops, bigger and more bulkier than he was, some had antlers, some had mouths on their tails, others have all sorts of things that made them look so mysterious and scary. The tom licked his lips and slowly waved his tail from side to side he wanted to look at these creatures with his own eyes oneday..

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