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    Random burst of RolePlay



    Random burst of RolePlay

    Post by Guest on Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:00 am

    [12:48am] Bluu: I got yelled at by some random lady at the park.. for cuddling with my bf on a chilly day o-o
    [12:49am] ScionOfStorm: ..seriosuly? o-o
    [12:49am] Bluu: She was like "THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE, you know.. what you are doing is very disrespectful:
    [12:49am] Bluu: And I was like... o-o oohhh... I am.. Sorry..
    [12:49am] ScionOfStorm: LMAO i wouldnt even say sorry
    [12:49am] Bluu: We were drawing pictures of wolves...
    [12:49am] Bluu: xD
    [12:50am] ScionOfStorm: the park is full with old people at times and some of them will judge you for everything -_-
    [12:52am] Bluu: She was on the phone too... "Oh yes yes -talking into the phone and walking by on the sidewalk- oh hold on, -turns to us and puts the phone to her boob- Exuse me! You guys are being very disrespectful! There are children here!" -we are both shivering and cuddling while I draw wolves, I drop my pencil and look at her shyly speaking quietly and +
    [12:54am] Bluu: timid- Oh I am so sorry..." -she looks me in the eyes- "Oh you better be" -walks off and resumes bitching on the phone as my boyfriend sighs and mutters- "bitch" -under his breath, the air is cold and crisp as he slowly slides away embarrassed of even keeping himself warm, we continue to stay at an awkward distance, wanting to let our bodies +
    [12:55am] Bluu: Consume each others with warmth but are too shy after that experience to move, or hardly even speak-

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