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    Post by Zefyre on Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:14 pm

    Hey all, Just going to give you some information about Ermitis. First of all the planet is in a solar system that revolves around a binary star system. It got here when the Earth was hit by an asteroid, which created the Earths moon and also created Ermitis and it's moon. The chunks of earth just flew off deep in space and settled by the Binary stars that serve as it's suns. Binary stars are two stars that revolve with each other. So this planet has a total of two suns. One star, a blue super giant, and the second, a yellow star much like the sun. The power of these two stars combined creates a very tropical climate on the planet. There is no ice or snow besides on the top of the two dormant volcanoes. Weather on Ermitis varies with mostly sunny days and some rainy. The planet is small and is nearly the size of an island chain on Earth, like Hawaii for example. It is far enough away from the stars that it does not burn up or get too cold. It has a very thick atmosphere for it's small size. The gravitational pull of the planet is very strong and the magnetic field is large. The axis of the planet is at a twenty-five degree angle. This is some basic information about Ermitis. More will be added in time as we discover more about Ermitis.

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