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    Post by Guest on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:44 pm

    You will be glad to know that Ermitis carries a large variety of animals. Many endangered or extinct animals from earth take refuge on our planet and so do legandary mystical creatures. Here you can have any type of animal pose you want. So color all those poses you were never allowed to use and use them on Ermitis! We support many of the endangered animals that are threatened by humans. I myself, paint canvases of endangered species and hope to someday sell them and donate the proceeds to wildlife funds. This page will host information about endangered and threatened animals that will be used as pose sets on the site. We would like to give a better example of these creatures and a deeper understanding of how they live and what they need to survive.

    CALIFORNIA WOLF (And other information)
    I hope to help bring back the wolf ranges to California, my home state, and it has been recently discovered that a male wolf from Oregon has crossed the border into northern California. He has been tagged to be able to track his movements, though there are many ranchers in that area that do not appreciate a new predator in their territory and despite hunting laws, this wolf could be shot down. He is most likely a lone wolf that is looking for a mate and to build a pack but no one has sighted any other wolves in California. This wolf might have to cross back into Oregon to find a mate or face many fearful humans in California. In history, wolves have got a bad reputation for being demonic and man eaters, though scientists have proven otherwise for decades, people still believe old tales of wolves and this is not a good thing. Humans still threaten the wolf population today and my goal is to slow it down. Many people think that wolves can become their friends and can be loyal pets, though this is not true, wolves are not meant to be pets. Wolves are unpredictable, need miles of land, and are not dogs. Many people have wolf/dog hybrids as pets, and though they may be cute, they still have the wolf in them and possess the same threat to humans and themselves. Wolf/dog hybrids are a combination of a wolf and a dog and when combined thousands of years of domestication of the dog is undone and it leaves a potentially dangerous animal. Many captive wolves or wolf dogs also suffer from many mental problems, needing a pack to teach them how to be a wolf and to give them company. Without a real pack to teach them they suffer from not knowing what to do with themselves, depression, and aggression. Wolves in captivity or a home setting tend to attack other animals or humans. If you try to take a wolf for a walk, even if you have raised them from a pup, they are still unpredictable and may attack other people, dogs, and cars. Attacks result in the euthanasia of the animal. Captive wolves are rarely if ever released back in the wild and abandoned or injured animals are put in rescue centers and sent off to zoo's and other rehabilitation services. They are never placed back into the wild after human contact. I once wanted a wolf dog hybrid as a pet, and I know friends who have them, but after much research I realize that It is my desire and not for the good of the animal. So now I try to teach people what I have learned so they to can help save the wolf. Thank you.

    More information will be posted later. Thank you.

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