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    The Moon of Ermitis, Maype


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    The Moon of Ermitis, Maype  Empty The Moon of Ermitis, Maype

    Post by Zefyre on Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:08 pm

    Created with the chunks of Ermitis that settled into their solar system, This moon, named Maype, derived from the synonyms of the word close, because Maype is so close to Ermitis it actually shares and has an atmosphere of it's own. It can support life but is so close to Ermitis it could smash into the planet any day. But it doesn't? Why not? Physics should prove it all but Maype continues to stay in the same place. When Maype was molten and Ermitis's gravity pulled the moon, it created spirals of mountains on Maype, which are very unique to the moon. Maype creates the tides for the planet just like the Earths moon. More information may be added.

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