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    How did animals get to Ermitis?


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    How did animals get to Ermitis? Empty How did animals get to Ermitis?

    Post by Zefyre on Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:23 pm

    Blasted off pieces from the earth flew off into space and settled in a solar system far away, rotating around a binary star system. But these pieces came with the recipe for life, and so as the planet aged and the right things happened, organisms started to evolve, and evolved in the animals we know of today. Humans did not evolve and so many animals that we know as extinct are on the planet Ermitis. Dinosaurs were never wiped out and miraculously evolved next to the animals we know and love today. This is the better Earth, Without any human interaction, and the safest place in the universe for animals of all kinds to roam. More information may be posted.

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