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    The Guardians of the Volcanoes and the Goddess Ferna


    The Guardians of the Volcanoes and the Goddess Ferna Empty The Guardians of the Volcanoes and the Goddess Ferna

    Post by Guest on Fri May 10, 2013 10:54 pm

    Dragons are the ancestors of the volcano Gods/Goddess's long ago and help guard the volcanoes from trespassers who may hurt themselves and to guard the God/Goddess who inhabits them. Their fire is fueled by the one remaining active volcano on the Island chain. This volcano is named Ferna, coming from the word Inferno. The other two volcanoes became extinct after their Gods died and those volcanoes are named Seark (from words Sear and Spark) and Oacharre (from words Coal and Charring). The volcanoes names are also the names of the Gods that inhabited them. Legend says that Ferna the third and largest Goddess/God of the bunch killed her own brothers and to this day is growing larger along with her Volcano she guards. Seark is her fallen brother who shares the island with her and Oacharre is the lonely God on the westernmost island. The volcano gods resemble giant dragon like creatures and Ferna the last remaining one is said to live in the core of Ermitis, causing quakes, movement of the tectonic plates, and eruptions from the volcano.

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